Friday, May 23, 2008

A Fun Weekend w/ The Family

This past weekend I finally got down to see my family. They are only about an hour away but it seems like everytime I plan to go down something comes up. We had a great time I took my mom out for ice cream and went to the park with my sister and her daughter and we just hung out all day talking and sleeping. The next day we went to the Miller Motorsports Park out in Tooele to watch the car race. It was so awesome, I have never been to a race before and I want to go back ASAP. I went with my parents and a couple of my nephews and of course little Doodles had to come. We were sweating to death but it was well worth it to listen to the engines on those Ferraris rumble past us.
I was surprised that I actually got a picture, the cars were zooming by so fast and all I had was my dinky little cell phone camera. That is Doodles and I with my new Lotus. Okay, that was a joke but I can dream right? The Black car in the photo spun off the track right in front of us on the 40th lap. Needless to say the driver did not look very happy he sat there for like 10 minutes before he got out and the safety crew pulled his car to the side.

Okay these are not the best pictures of me but my nephews are so cute! Their mom is in big trouble when they get old enough to date.