Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bring it on!

Monday was the 100th birthday for the Boy Scouts of America and Jordan asked me to ask a friend if she would be willing to come in and do balloon animals for the Scout Shop. She said that she was busy most of the day but that she could come in and teach me how to do 5 of the easiest balloons. So Monday morning she came to the office with all of her balloons her pumps and her cute little apron. I was so excited. It took about an hour but I am now able to make a dog, giraffe, monkey, sword, and a bird on a swing. It was so much fun and I taught a couple girls that I work with how to make some. The kids and adults that came in for the birthday party thought it was fantastic! I think I have found my true calling. Thanks Mindy!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Oh dear!

So I was at my sisters house on Saturday and my niece commented on the color of my nail polish. I told her that the color was "flirt" and my cute nephew said "are you allowed to wear that since you are married?"