Friday, September 3, 2010


So I stepped on the scale the other morning (because I apparently enjoy those feelings of dread, regret and disgust when I see the numbers peeking out from behind my little piggies) thinking oh, I don't know, that the weight would just have fallen off by itself in the past few weeks. But I was sadly reminded that without at least a little effort on my part that number was always going to stay the same or worse get larger. So I set out on a mission to find something that wouldn't cost me alot and be something that I could maintain for a long long long time. I have tried a few different things in my lifetime of weight struggles and never found a good solution that worked for me. In Jr. High school I tried the bulimia thing for a second and the anorexia thing for a second until I realized that "oh yeah, you are and idiot and those are actual diseases and not just something you can decide to do." So I quickly stopped that nonsense. Throughout Jr. and High School I actually maintained a healthy, albeit not my ideal but healthy weight and I was alright with it. About a year after High School I started having stomache problems. Everytime I ate something I would have really bad stomache cramps and other unpleasant issues, so I didn't really eat much for two weeks. I lost about 30 pounds in that two weeks and kept it off until after my first year of college. Thats when I got my desk job. So here I sit at my desk job 7 years later and 100 pounds heavier than when I started. Until two days ago when I stummbled upon this website. . I spent about an hour (instead of cleaning my house) reading this website and other websites reviewing this "diet". It all just made sense. How simple and common sensicle and free. Unlike the Medifast diet I went on two years ago. Which I did actually really love and lost alot of weight on. For the month that I could afford it. But this seems like something that I can do. I mean people have been doing it for eons with no problem. So today I start on a new, hopefully lifelong journey to good health. Wish me luck (the one person that mught actually read this). And if you have any tips on good exercise regimens let me know. I will try to keep this blog updated on my progress.

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