Friday, January 7, 2011

New Year, New Post

Okay so for this new year I wasn't going to make any goals, 'cause I wasn't going to kid myself into thinking that I would even come close to hitting those goals, but the other day I was reading a super cute blog and decided that a "bucket list" would be alright. So I have spent a few days thinking about what I want to accomplish and do this year. Here it goes!

  • Plant a garden. I am thinking a raised bed garden would be perfect in my backyard. A garden that looks like this would be FAB-u-LouS (said in my best Oprah-giving-away-a-car voice)

  • Fix my poor little broken white picket fence in the front yard.

  • Fix up my front yard so I don't look like "that" house on the street that everyone avoids. Time to pull out the chain saw that Jordan got at the Boy Scout Annual Auction.

  • Sew something. Even if it is just a pillow.

  • Have a barbecue. Or Ten. Especially a neighborhood barbecue because we have lived here for 3 years and still haven't met more than a couple of our neighbors. Sad.

  • Save up a little bit of money so I can have one of these someday. Sooner than later.

  • Run (or at least walk) a 5k.

  • Clean out and organize our garage.

  • Take at least 1 beginner painting class.

  • Take a cake decorating class.

  • Attend as many free-ish d.i.y. home improvment courses as possible.

  • Lose weight. I had to put this in here, not just because it is required on every yearly goal list but because I really really do need to lose weight. I will probably go with this method which I realize will slightly hinder my "save money" goal but I have gone this route before and felt incredible even after just the first couple days so I am going to make it work. This time.

Okay so I will try to amend this post as I cross things off and add to my list but seeing as how regular posting is NOT one of my bucket list items I am not going to promise anything.

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